Analytics & Mapping

  • Retail and marketplace assessment (capture/gap analysis, composition and tenant mix)
  • Mapping
  • Demographics
  • Infographics

Commercial & Downtown Revitalization

  • Placemaking and Streetscape Improvement Planning
  • Parking Strategy
  • Special District Formation
  • Tenant Prospecting
  • Facade Improvement Programs
  • Visual Merchandising

Marketing & Communications

  • Full service suite of capabilities...from content generation to production of campaigns and materials
  • Hollistic approach: Tell your story and spread your brand across print, digital, social media, outdoor/environmental/
    guerilla, events
  • Website development and management
  • Social media
  • Video production
  • PR and communications


  • Brand development: Full service from inception to production
    • Logo creation, brand kit and style guides, campaign templates
    • Creative deployment of print and digital marketing materials into outdoor branding elements

Strategic Programming & Events

  • Implementation of unique initiatives, programs and events that align with mission-oriented goals and objectives.