Website Design & Development: Guide to Julian and Guide to Ramona

Upon assessing the competitive landscape, it became clear that the printed Guide to Julian and Guide to Ramona needed a digital reboot. We launched the two new sites in tandem, with consistent styling and features. Both sites are mobile friendly and include built-in SEO. Web traffic increased 450% in the first two months of launch. Visit and


Cohesive Marketing Campaign & Brand Development: Ventura, CA

Cultivated and launched economic development campaign to identify and promote the City as a strategic place to do business. Campaign elements: logo creation, website, on-site booth, printed materials, and social media campaign. 

Video Series | Spotlight on Local Business: Ventura, CA

Featuring a local business each month, this video series offered a behind-the-scenes look into the vibrant and dynamic businesses that have chosen to locate in the City and fosters a business-friendly culture of entrepreneurship.


Proactive PR: Downtown Santa Ana, Orange County, CA

A media outreach effort to change the narrative and generate positive press for the district. Click here to read the story and watch the video.

Targeted media outreach to change the narrative and generate positive press. Click here for ABC's coverage.


Economic Profile Report: Garment District NYC

A simple, visual summary of market conditions.

Demographics & Infographics: SDSU College Area

A microsite showcasing demographic and economic data, including infographics, tapestry segmentation, retail leakage/surplus, traffic counts, and maps. 

Zoning Analysis: Garment District NYC

A multi-year effort to assess economic conditions and revise zoning policy to support market conditions and create a vibrant, 24/7 district.



Parking Strategy: Santa Ana, Orange County CA

A parking strategy to generate increased investment in a vibrant downtown district.

Special District Formation: South Seaward, Ventura CA

A plan to create a special district in the interest of making an eclectic beachside corridor cleaner, safer and more vibrant.


Public Space Activation: Garment District NYC

 A multi-year initiative and investment to improve the pedestrian experience in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Wayfinding Signage: WalkNYC, Fashion District, New York City

A new citywide signage program launched in conjunction with the City's transportation department helped put our district on the map...literally. Launched in 2013, WalkNYC is New York City's pedestrian wayfinding system. The Garment District was one of four neighborhoods in which the first signs were piloted. 


Bringing Fashion to the Street: Garment District, NYC

Brand and identity can extend beyond your newsletter and website. By incorporating company objectives into strategic programming and events in the public space, your brand can truly come to life! 

I helped launch an array of successful programs and events that showcased the historical significance of the fashion industry and drove foot traffic to the area, including SIDEWALK CATWALK, Tour de Fashion, and annual arts events. 


Elevate your image with the right look and feel. Full service suite, from brand consultation, logo and style template creation, to brand/image retrofitting and campaign development.