Leave it better than you found it.
— Mom (but probably attributable to someone else)

A native San Diegan and UCLA alum, I began my career in advertising where I learned the value of assessing the competitive landscape and carving out one's own unique niche and (sometimes) disrupting the status quo along the way. I believe this philosophy can be applied to places, brands, campaigns, and strategies. I help my clients identify their unique strengths so they can soar with them!

Placebranding and placemaking are my passions.

As a marketer and urban planner, I love the intersection of brand/identity and the physical environment. Placebranding and placemaking are my passions! I have practiced commercial revitalization in a variety of contexts and settings—from New Orleans to the South Bronx; from Jamaica Queens to midtown Manhattan; from Santa Ana to San Diego. I have a proven track record managing successful projects and programs and extensive professional references from employers, clients, and esteemed colleagues.

Designing a dream city is easy. Rebuilding a living one takes imagination.
— Jane Jacobs

It is clear that downtowns across the nation are undergoing a renaissance, with increased demand for walkable, bikeable, historic, safe, attractive and authentic mixed-use environs. I aim to leave them better than how I found them.

Curriculum Vitae

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